Getting the right look and design for your Largo home requires more than an idea. Proper planning and follow through with the right professional painting services can save you time and money. DIY work may seem like a simple process. Websites will typically give you basic advice and information. However, nothing beats experienced help from a professional. Not every site will take into account the different factors of your home like location and weather. Depending on where you live, different coatings may come out better and last longer. Also, there are certain things contractors have to take into account. The best time to start, how to handle long projects, and color testing are just some of the things you have to know or prepare for.

Exterior and Interior Paintjobs

An expert job can increase the value of your home. While you may think anything is better than your old color, clumsily going over it can damage the wall underneath. If it is wood, the wood must be cleaned and inspected. Rotting wood will continue to deteriorate regardless of coating over it. This can lead to you having to remove and replace wood. Professional painting services from Bourgoing Painting, LLC saves you from common mistakes and redoing walls. We offer both interior and exterior options for residents throughout the Largo area. Whether it is a smaller area such as wooden panels or the entirety of a property, we can handle it.

Top 5 Benefits of Professional Painting Services

Largo residents can benefit from more than saving time and money with the right contractor. Instead of having to go elsewhere for specific jobs, Bourgoing can be your one-stop shop. With our professional painting services, clients can benefit from options like:

  • Wood repair
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Staining and varnishing
  • Roof coating
  • Commercial jobs

Wood Repair

Since an essential part of coating wood is inspecting its health, we also provide inspections and repairs. Our skilled carpenters can handle your weak and decaying wood before wasting their efforts on a fresh coat. Common signs of rotting wood include dark, moist spots and fuzz growing on individual panels. The panel may feel slightly weaker than others. Without proper care, mold can spread to other boards and wreak havoc on the inside of Largo properties.

Wallpaper Removal

There are a dozen different tips and tricks for wallpaper removal. But what is the point of attempting them when you can instead rely on professional painting services? We offer wallpaper removal for those peeling and unsightly interiors. Rather than dealing with DIY methods like using detergent or vinegar, you can rest easy knowing we offer both the removal of wallpaper and repainting.

Staining and Varnishing

There is also the vital process of staining and varnishing your wood surfaces. Typically, varnish is a clear top coat the protects the material. Staining it provides it with a unique color and look. Sometimes they are sold in mixtures and typically come in three types: oil, water, and gel bases. Largo residents do not have to spend their efforts researching the three types. Contractors with experience in treating wood can direct them to the right choices and provide options for all budgets.

Roof Coating

Another critical step that is sometimes glossed over is the roof. It is not only dangerous for amateurs, but difficult to pull off correctly. Not every homeowner needs a new roof coating, but a refresh can provide specific benefits. A coat that is white and highly reflective can reduce a home’s energy cost by reflecting heat instead of absorbing it. Largo homeowners can also decide on a color only to better match the color scheme of their home.

Commercial Painting

Our professional painting services are not limited to residential properties. Larger commercial buildings require more attention and care to last. Even if you decide to do it yourself, you may find it challenging to scale walls without the right equipment. For professional painting services, contact Bourgoing Painting, LLC at (727) 688-2397 or by going online today.