While it may be easy to buy paint and brushes, there is more to interior and exterior paint jobs than just having the materials. A painting company like Bourgoing Painting, LLC helps you get the professional look and fresh coat you want without the hassle of doing it yourself. Doing it yourself requires time and effort. Even a standard room of 14 x 14 feet can take upwards of ten hours of work for professionals. A painter also needs to know how to prep, test colors, choose the right primer, and have the right brushing technique. The coat may have splotches with too much paint, or you may accidentally use the wrong paint. Tampa residents and business owners are better off working with contractors or a painting company instead.

When deciding on a contractor, versatility is vital. Depending on where you live or the needs of your walls, different paints may be critical. While mixing paint may not be the worst issue, it can be dangerous in certain situations. Exterior paints can have additives, like mildewcides, and produce fumes, so you want to avoid using them indoors. The smell of fumes can also persist for months. Hiring a group that claims they can fulfill paint contracting work without verifying their experience can lead to problems such as mismatching colors, a lack of attention to detail, and damage to surfaces.

What Services are Available at Bourgoing Painting, LLC?

With a painting company like Bourgoing Painting, LLC, Tampa clients can choose from many services beyond commercial and residential exterior walls. Rather than focusing on only interiors and exteriors, you can select us as your one-stop shop. Our services include:

  • Roof coatings
  • Drywall
  • Texturing
  • Stucco work
  • Molding
  • Wood repair

Your home may need painting company services such as molding or roof coatings. Instead of just painting molds, we also offer help with installation. With roof coatings, certain white roof paints are made to reflect harmful UV rays and the Tampa heat. When measuring how effective a coat is, it is important to measure the reflectance and emittance. Reflectance is a measure of how much radiation a surface can reflect and emittance refers to its ability to release thermal radiation. In the case of certain roof paints, reflectance can go as high as 90% with emittance reaching near 100%. What this does for your home is lower energy costs and maintain indoor temperatures. It also slows down the degradation of your paint job since it absorbs less heat and UV radiation.

Why Wood Repair is Important for Tampa Homes

Whether you have exterior wood walls or interior cabinets, wood is probably somewhere in your home. Wood requires special care and maintenance. That is why Bourgoing offers wood repair services. Wood in older homes or those with damage from hurricanes or neglect may be full of mold and holes. The hot, humid temperatures in Tampa are perfect for microorganisms that feed on wood. Once the wood begins to deteriorate, the only thing left to do is repair or replace it. Signs of deterioration include morphing colors, flaking paint, bubbles, or cracking stucco. With ten-year warranties on commercial paint jobs, working with the right painting company can benefit your property for years to come.

Why Choose Bourgoing Painting, LLC as Your Tampa Painting Company?

Residents and commercial property owners throughout Tampa can take advantage of warranties as well as an attention to detail in their paint job. Things like stucco require precise care and repair before painting. Without filling in old stucco, cracks may become more visible after a paint job. Other options like texturing need an artist’s touch to pull off correctly. Without a painting company with experience and artistic sense, you may end up with subpar results.

For high-quality coats, colors, and designs to fit your property, contact Bourgoing Painting, LLC today at (727) 688-2397.