When it comes to adding a new shade to the walls of their house, many people will choose to skip over a painting company and try to tackle the job on their own. This can work for some people, but often, problems such as lack of tools, wallpaper removal, and texture disrepairs can halt the process before the paint touches the walls. Clearwater is home to Bourgoing Painting, a company that can solve all of these issues and more. Bourgoing makes the process so smooth, you will want to repaint every inch of your home.

Can You Paint Over Textured Walls?

Yes, you can, though it is not always as easy as a can of paint and a brush. Putting paint on textured walls not only takes more paint, but you must also have the proper tools in order to cover the uneven surface created by the texturing. Because of this, it is easier to hire a painting company to take care of the task. Clearwater companies like Bourgoing Painting also offer warranties to ensure you are satisfied with their work.

If your walls are smooth and you are looking to add texture, Bourgoing is a perfect fit as well. Texture aids in the hiding of imperfections created during drywall installation and can also add character to old or boring rooms.

Can I Use Indoor Paint Outdoors?

When you find yourself with leftover paint from the walls on the inside of your home, it may be tempting to take that color outdoors. Unfortunately, using interior paint on the exterior of your home will leave you with walls that do not last as long or look as good as they would with exterior paint, especially in a sunny place like Clearwater.

Bourgoing is a painting company that can provide expertise inside and outside of the house. Not only do we use the proper paint for the exterior of houses, but we also replace or repair damaged wood and stucco before getting started, and can give the outside of your home a fresh look with a roof coating.

What Is a Roof Coating For?

It is best to contact a painting company for a roof coating. The process is beneficial both to the environment and to your wallet. Roof coatings extend the life of your roof and can also alleviate leaks. This is an environmentally friendly addition to your home, as it reduces the amount of roofing debris that ends up in landfills by preventing roof tear off. Roof coatings are also reflective, reducing the amount of energy used in your home, which is very helpful in a high-temperature environment like Clearwater. At Bourgoing, we will clean your roof, seal and prime, and finish with two topcoats to ensure a strong, long-lasting roof.

Your Walls Have Been Painted, Your Stucco Has Been Replaced, and Your Roof Has Been Coated. What About Everything Else?

Sometimes, adding a new hue one room leads to a remodel of the entire house. While not every painting company in Clearwater will be able to provide services to tie your home together, Bourgoing can. Along with recoloring your walls, we provide services like:

  • Cabinet painting
  • Staining and varnishing
  • Baseboard and molding installation
  • Wallpaper removal

Your home should be a space you feel comfortable in. Changing up wall colors, removing old wallpaper, and adding in crown molding can make all the difference in how you feel about your living space.

Not Every Painting Company Can Do What Bourgoing Does.

A good paint job goes beyond the ability to swipe a brush. The preparations and clean up that are necessary before adding paint to either the interior and exterior of the home are just as important as the paint itself. Bourgoing takes time with our clients to properly prepare, from purchasing paint to moving furniture. We promise neat work and friendly painters and are not just limited to residential paint jobs in the Clearwater area. At Bourgoing, we are a licensed contractor, offer a 10-year warranty on commercial paint jobs, and can work with other contractors or directly with businesses.

Most people want a painting company that takes the hassle out of remodeling. Bourgoing Painting provides Clearwater with stress-free services that include far more than a coat of paint. We take care of the prep work, applying the perfect shade, and the cleanup. All you need to worry about is the color, texture, and finish. To schedule a free estimate, contact us online or call 727-688-2397. Give your home a new look and see what fresh paint can do.