House painting can be a long project, from planning to setup to cleaning. In Tampa, there are many ways to make the process go smoother so you can get start enjoying your home’s fresh new look.

Preparation for House Painting

Prep is one of the most important parts of the process. The right prep can add years to the job you have done, especially on the exterior of your Tampa home. Simple tips include:

  • Wash your surfaces
  • Move furniture away from the walls
  • Tape off molding, doorknobs, window sills, etc.

Many people try to skip over parts of prepping and go right to house painting. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Varnish can stain floors and furniture. It also does not work to patch walls. The best options are to remove all furniture, cover the floors with a tarp, cover spots with painter’s tape, and get to work.

Washing the surface you intend to paint is important to be sure the new colors stick. If you are working on the exterior of your Tampa home, using a pressure washer is a surefire way to get the walls clean quickly.

Using primer is another very important step as well. Not only does it cover up old colors and stains, but it also adds an extra layer that will help your new color stick.

A lot of the time put into house painting in Tampa goes towards prep work. By getting all of these tasks done before you begin applying color, you are reducing future work for yourself.

Buying the Right Tools

Price should not determine what tools you purchase. Buying high-quality products further ensures that your house painting project goes smoothly and stays for a long time.

The most basic instruments for house painting are varnish and brushes. Be sure to buy the right product for the right space. Interior wall colors should only be used on the inside of a home. Exterior colors are made to handle the temperature change and harsh weather that Tampa offers.

Buying the right brushes will help achieve a successful project. Roller brushes are helpful to coat the majority of the space. Bristled brushes are good for getting smaller spaces and corners. Brushes made from nylon and polyester are better for latex-based wall coatings.

Although not necessary, there are other accessories that prove to be useful in this process. Masking tape is one of the most helpful. A canvas drop cloth is also good, as it will protect your floors from drips and spills.

House Painting

All the prep work is done, from wiping down the wall to taping them. You have all the right tools purchased and ready to go. Now the real fun starts!

Apply from top to bottom. If you are remodeling an entire room, start with the ceilings, then handle the walls, then the woodwork, and finally the floor. If you are just doing the walls, cover the edges first and then work from top to bottom on the rest of the space.

Again, use the roller in larger spaces. Use the brush on narrow surfaces, smaller spaces, and edges. Try to stick to the roller because using the two brushes when house painting can result in different textures along the ceiling and trim.

When working on the exterior of your home, remember to keep the weather in mind. High humidity levels are unavoidable in Tampa, but try to pick a time when the levers are lower and there is no chance of rain.

Clean Up

When cleaning up after house painting, it is important to be careful and take your time. Remove any masking tape on the walls. Do not pull tape from more than 12 inches away.

Be sure to clean your tools. This should be done right after you finish. For latex-based products, use soap and water to clean your brushes. For oil-based products, you will need a solvent like mineral spirits. Hang brushes upside down to drain water away from the metal base. If you have clean rollers, squeeze the extra water out of them.

There are a few options for cleaning up the varnish. If you do not plan on keeping the unused product, it can go to a center like Habitat for Humanity in order to be recycled. You can also take it to a Tampa waste drop-off facility.

Hire Painting Professionals in Tampa

Sometimes, the best thing to do is leave work to the professionals. House painting can be a time-consuming task that not everyone has time for. In Tampa, many companies offer professional services that take care of the whole process for you.

From removing furniture to removing wallpaper, professionals have the know-how and skill to get work done quickly and efficiently. When you consider time as well as the possibility of paying for stains and messy cleanups, the benefits of professionals outweigh the cost.

What Bourgoing Painting Can Do for You

Bourgoing makes it easy for Tampa residents who want a fresh layer of paint in or on their home. We take care of every step along the way, including the prepping, coating, and cleaning. At Bourgoing, we strive to provide quality standards, cleanliness, and a long-lasting finish. We provide a variety of services like house painting that will give your home a brand new look. Contact us online or call us at (727) 688-2397 to see what a fresh coat of paint can do.