House painters from Bourgoing Painting, LLC can take an entire home and make it looks almost like a completely different home. When it comes to home improvements, there are many approaches to increase the worth and aesthetic of your home. Clearwater residents looking for that new look without the long-term timeline and costs of renovations should consider adding fresh layers of paint to their home.

As you get used to the faded and dated look of a property, it is harder to notice any problems. However, after a fresh coat of paint, you will wonder why you did not do it sooner. Newer colors and better methods mean that a fresh coat will last longer than your current one. Also, it will better protect materials like wood from deterioration. Instead of accidentally using the wrong paint, the house painters at Bourgoing Painting, LLC know which options are best, depending on your needs.

Exterior and Interior Painting

Exterior and interior paints should only be used as directed, and certain interior paints are meant for use in specific rooms. While mixing up types of paint can be a minor issue that, most times, can simply be painted over, using the wrong formula can sometimes be hazardous to residents. The four components common to all paints are the pigments, solvents, binders, and additives. While pigments and binders can be similar or the same, additives and solvents can differ significantly. Some exterior paints contain solvents that need to dissipate outside because of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

A report released by the International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health also found that VOC emissions were higher depending on the surface. They discovered that painting materials that are steel with VOC paint caused a two-to-ten time increase in VOCs. Instead of exposing yourself to harmful fumes, the house painters at Bourgoing Painting can provide you with the right options for your home in Clearwater.

How House Painters Can Simplify Your Home Improvements

Home improvements and painting the exterior or interior of a property is not as simple as running over every surface with a brush. When dealing with wood, it is critical that you inspect the health of the surface. Painting over decaying wood will only result in you needing to replace the surface in the future. It is a waste of money and much more straightforward to inspect the wood beforehand. Clearwater residents and commercial property owners can benefit from exterior wood repair services at Bourgoing Painting, LLC. With the assistance of house painters and professional carpenters, your paint job will not suffer from rotting or damaged wood. Clearwater property owners also do not need to go elsewhere for the more delicate details of their paint job. Bourgoing Painting, LLC offers a wide variety of services including:

  • Cabinet Painting
  • Interior wood services
  • Molding installation
  • Roof coating
  • Staining and varnishing

Commercial Painting

If you need a new coat on a business building or large property in Clearwater, then painting the entire structure yourself is out of the question. The house painters at Bourgoing Painting, LLC have the equipment to get where you cannot and thoroughly complete the job at hand. We provide speculative work for business owners interested in commercial services. Instead of feeling unsure about what exactly is going to happen during your project, you will have a timeline and a plan to go over. Also, clients benefit from up to a 10-year warranty on their paint.

Stucco Work Repairs

Clearwater property owners can also take advantage of the stucco work and stucco repairs available at Bourgoing Painting, LLC. Getting that beautiful texture and design requires more than materials. In-house artists can apply that perfect look and finish to your home. If you want to keep your current design, then let us repair your stucco to mirror it perfectly. Clearwater residents can get in touch with the house painters at Bourgoing Painting, LLC today at 727-688-2397 or by going online.