If you own a business or commercial property in Clearwater, then the surface area of your building may be impossible to paint yourself. Adding a fresh layer to your building takes a lot of time and energy that most business owners do not have to spare. Also, amateur painters often apply the wrong paint or forget important steps along the way. Instead of having to deal with repainting costs along with days of tedious work, a commercial painting company like Bourgoing Painting, LLC can help you avoid common mistakes. Besides choosing the wrong paint, many DIY painters have issues with:

  • Picking the right color
  • Applying paint incorrectly to surfaces
  • Poor finishes or color design
  • Reaching difficult areas
  • Finishing the job in a reasonable amount of time

Getting the Results You Want

While it may seem doable at first, applying paint to the full interior of a residential area is a massive endeavor that often requires multiple people. For picking the right colors, having a painter with experience and education in color theory to assist you is vital. Unless you are around paint all the time, you do not know how the end result will look until you are done, and it may not be what you envisioned. The paint you apply to certain materials and locations can result in a lighter shade after drying and cause a different look. Adding paint to areas like the exterior of a home is not only time consuming, but also potentially dangerous to those without experience since the use of things like ladders and scaffolding it required to do the job properly.

Without the right equipment, people will sometimes rely on dangerous alternatives. Hanging out of a window or using a weak ladder to reach exterior areas is foolish when you can instead work with a commercial painting company. We can assist property owners in Clearwater with difficult-to-reach areas, giving your home or business a beautiful, even coat of paint. Without the right equipment, materials, and experience, your DIY job may just end up being a complete waste. Instead of spending time and money hiring a commercial painting company after the damage has been done, hire one beforehand and make sure everything goes according to plan the first time around.

Commercial Painting Company Services Available

If you are trying to overhaul a property in Clearwater with fresh paint, you should not settle for anything less than the best quality. At Bourgoing Painting, LLC, we can help you decide on your colors and advise you on the best choices in finish, formula, and more. Depending on the paints and pigments you choose, the overall outcome of your project can look different from what you had planned. When you have other more important things to deal with, taking the time to understand the nuances between variations of white paint is probably not the most appealing prospect. However, a commercial painting company like ours has years of experience dealing with paints and we can do all of the work for you.

It does not matter if your Clearwater property has elements made from wood, concrete, or other materials; we can help you get the color palette and fresh look you want. Our business also offers residential paint services for Clearwater residents in need of a fresh coat. Trust a professional commercial painting company like Bourgoing Painting, LLC to help you get the job done right, on time, and for the right price.

Residential Interior and Exterior Painting

When it comes to deciding between paints, there is not a lot of differences in their makeup. All paints will typically have the same general components like pigments to give it a unique color. However, certain types of paint may have different additives to make then better for outdoor environments. Since exterior paint needs to stand up against the Clearwater heat and rain, they tend to have compounds that reduce degradation. Many exterior paints will have mildewcides, flexible resin, and solvents that release noxious fumes. Often, it is too much work to undo everything if you find out you are using the wrong paint. Hiring a commercial painting company means you can kick back and enjoy the finished product, free of worries. There is no need to spend hours getting paint all over your clothes or accidentally filling your home with noxious fumes.

Choose Bourgoing Painting, LLC in Clearwater

With interior paints, the right kind is incredibly significant to the longevity of the coat. Often, the interior will have wooden cabinets like in a kitchen or bathroom. The right paint can seal the wood and prevent quick rotting from heavy levels of moisture. Clearwater businesses and residential property owners interested in working with a premier residential and commercial painting company can contact us today at 727-688-2397 or by going online.