Clearwater property owners who want quality and attention to detail in their cabinet painting project should rely on those with experience. Applying the right paint correctly to different surfaces depends on multiple factors, such as exposure and materials. Removing paint and applying new coats throughout a property requires time and dedication that Bourgoing Painting, LLC can provide. Many amateur painters are unaware that doing a good job requires a high degree of style and artistry. It is easy to see a beautiful paint job and think that all it needed was the time and investment in the paint. However, a complex project like applying paint to interior and exterior parts of properties requires experience and often a team of painters. Depending on the design and style of your property, different techniques and paints will provide a different finish after drying and last longer in the hot Florida weather.

Proper Painting Preparation and Wood Priming Procedures

For exterior wood surfaces, before you even begin repainting, a professional should assess damages and repair needs. The condition of the wood is essential to the overall finish and longevity of the paint job. Wood rot occurs when the paint that should have been protecting the surface wears away, allowing water to seep in. Microorganisms eat the wood and can spread. Unless you have the time to inspect, sand, replace, and prime, you risk missing out on methods that improve the quality of your paint job. From residential cabinet painting to business exteriors in Clearwater, Bourgoing Painting, LLC can handle your needs and specifications.

Common Mistakes in Amateur Cabinet Painting

Clearwater business owners and residents alike should be careful about what company they deal with for their paint services. Not only can the wrong paint process lead to an ugly and uneven finish, but it can damage the material underneath. Sometimes, DIY painters will save time during a cabinet painting project by going over the hinges. However, applying paint to hinges is a common mistake that quickly results in the paint cracking and flaking off. This gives your cabinets a cheap and sloppy look rather than a pleasant and professional appearance. Other common mistakes include:

  • Forgetting to sand
  • Not working in a dust-free environment
  • Skipping the priming stage
  • Not preparing for the length of the project
  • Poor color or paint finish choices
  • Not cleaning or repairing wood beforehand

While picking the wrong paint may not seem like much of an issue at first, it can be dangerous. Amateur painters may choose an exterior paint by accident. Or, they may forget critical steps such as priming and sanding wood. For a clean and perfectly smooth finish, sanding your wood to a matte feel is key. Even with relatively new cabinets, sanding is unavoidable. Clearwater residents dealing with large or small projects can hire Bourgoing Painting, LLC for professional cabinet painting instead of relying on a DIY job. Clients need not waste time with costly mistakes such as picking the wrong paint. You will, however, receive quick and free estimates and up to a three-year labor warranty.

What are the Differences Between Exterior and Interior Paint?

What is so bad about picking the wrong paint? There are interior and exterior paints for a reason. In cities like Clearwater, exterior paints must be able to endure the Florida weather without fading or peeling. Exterior paints often have components that make the formula stronger and more resistant, but also much more toxic. The fumes from exterior paint can spread throughout a home and cause respiratory issues, dizziness, or worse. Cabinet painting requires that you take into account all aspects of your property because you do not want to accidentally endanger your health.

Services Available at Bourgeoning Painting

Whether you are thinking of adding a new layer of paint to residential or commercial property, it is easier and better-looking when done by professional painters. Clearwater property owners can take advantage of many services at Bourgoing Painting, LLC such as:

  • Roof coating
  • Exterior wood repair
  • Interior wood and molding
  • Wallpaper removal

You can contact us today at (727) 688-2397 or online for all your cabinet painting needs.