Whether you want to refresh your home on the inside or outside, a new coat of paint can give you the new look and feel you need without a hefty price tag. For Clearwater homeowners, choosing the right paint color for the right room is essential. You want to elicit the right feelings and emotions depending on the location, and professional painters can help you get the right vibe with the perfect finish.

Kitchen: Get Cooking with Warm Tones

According to expert designers, red paint can amp up the excitement, giving the space life, and pull a room together. Therefore, adding a splash of geranium on your walls can liven up your cooking and food prep space. Plus, studies show that warm shades like red make people hungry, so get ready for a crowd that’s ready to chow down.

Bedroom: Sleep Tight with Cool Shades

To evoke feelings of peace, calm, and restfulness, choose hues that induce feelings of calm like blue, green, and purple. A sea glass blue-green is soothing, whereas a pale lavender offers a calm, relaxing feeling for a night of good sleep. Professional painters can give your Clearwater home the relaxing, soothing feel you need.

Bathroom: Get Clean and Fresh with Crisp Hues

In most bathrooms, the majority is already white: the toilet, the tub, the sink, etc. Therefore, the bathroom is a great place to have a little more fun with color. A word of caution, however. Bold colors can overwhelm small spaces, and dark colors can make a room feel smaller. Therefore, bathrooms do well with light shades and neutrals. Try a pale blue, a clean, fresh color or a buttery yellow. Alternatively, you may lean towards a shade of almond or pale grey.

Living Room: Relax and Chill Out with

As the name suggests, the living room if the life of your Clearwater home. Professional painters see clients choose everything from shades of bright yellow to hues of red or bold blue for their living rooms. This space is multi-functional, so there’s a shade for every home.

Dining Area: Elegance and Refinery

Neutral colors offer an elegant, refined look that you can easily pair with whatever furniture and décor you desire. For most people, the focal point of a dining room is the table and chairs, or perhaps a chandelier. Therefore, the walls should take a step back, complementing the contents of the room rather than overwhelming them. Professional painters often use shades of beige, off-white, cream, or slate in dining areas in Clearwater.

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