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Painting Company Tips: Choosing the Right Paint Finish

As any professional painting company will tell you, choosing the right paint finish can make or break a paint job. The difference between a beautiful new coat of color and a flaky, dull eyesore lies in the paint’s texture and shine levels. Consider the Surface The surface you’re applying the paint to makes a difference in the kind of finish you want. A professional painting company would know not to apply a high-gloss finish to [...]

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Exterior and Interior Painting for Your Home and Business in Clearwater

If you are searching for an exterior and interior painting service that does all the work for you, look no further than Bourgoing Painting, LLC. We paint homes and do contract work to provide you with a stress-free and well-done job, every time. We take care of the preparation, work, and cleanup involved in doing a quality paint job. Contact us if you are in the Clearwater area to find out about all of the [...]

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